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Welcome to Wakan LLC...

Wakan is a certified HUBZone and self-certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) wholesale distribution company that specializes in handling the volume and breadth of larger POs associated with large contracts. 

Wakan focuses on the wholesaling of products needed by companies that are specifically seeking to bid on contracts requiring the use of small business set asides. 

As a HUBZone, Wakan has the ability to assist contractors in meeting these mandated requirements. 

Our processes and procedures have been honed and perfected through servicing our Fortune 500 clientele.  Beyond the normal wholesale purchase, track, and delivery, Wakan can provide additional value-added services such as prepare and assemble submittal quotes during the bid process, pre-stage materials, and equipment, inspect inbound shipments, electronic inventory, and QC inspections. 

You're assured through Wakan's past performance that practices have been put in place for seamless interface between manufacture and the primecontractor, and ultimately, the end user.

The NEXT level of competitive bidding and award

Wakan provides solutions and strategies that have the flexibility to meet your unique requirements.  Wakan's extensive government contracting knowledge with an outstanding past history. Wakan has the prerequisite background experience to take you, our client, to the next level of competitive bidding and award, by helping to fulfill your federal set aside needs.

Wakan LLC
P.O. Box 890
Ramah NM, 87321

Tel:  (505) 227-8556
Fax: (505) 212-0637
e-mail: info@WakanLLC.com
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